Millsboro Police Annual Report 2021

Posted: November 18 2016
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Table of contents

Chief’s Introduction                                                                                    3

Mission & Values                                                                                        5

Organization                                                                                               6

          Organizational Chart                                                                          6

          Patrol Unit                                                                                         7

          Criminal Investigation Unit                                                                8

          Administrative Staff                                                                          9

Data Tables                                                                                                 10

Internal Department Data                                                                            14

Community Outreach                                                                                  15

Promotions & Awards                                                                                 16

Summary                                                                                                      17

Chief’s Introduction                                 


On behalf of the staff of the Millsboro Police Department it is my honor to submit our annual report. This report will serve as a summary of accomplishments, achievements, and initiatives within 2021. Furthermore, this report will summarize data collected during this calendar year. This year has been marked as the time we began to return to some "normalcy”. In 2021 we began to shift from changes resulting from the pandemic, but our agency continued to strive to ensure we are providing the best services to those we serve in our community. 

As restriction from the pandemic began to be lifted, we were able to reignite many of our valued community outreach programs. In 2021 our newly established School Resource Officer (Cpl. Jonanthan Zubrowski) was able to facilitate our very first Youth Police Academy. Although our class was smaller than anticipated, we were still able to initiate this program. The concept of our Youth Academy is designed to provide our youth with an inside look into the life of law enforcement, and we also hope to instill leadership, and team building skills to our future leaders.

In the fall 2021, our department was able to continue our Bike Rodeo Program in the Millsboro Lowes parking lot. Through this program our department has partnered with the Delaware Department of Transportation, by educating our youth on bicycle safety, and providing free bicycle helmets, and lights to children who attend. Grant funds through the Delaware Criminal Justice Council were allocated to purchase all bicycle safety equipment.

Other community outreach programs our worth mentioning this year were our annual Halloween Night Out, and our annual Whiskers for Wishes campaign. In 2021 we were able to return our "Halloween Night Out”, and this year we partnered with the Wesleyan Church. Through our partnership with the Wesleyan, our agency has been able to expand our outreach to the community. 

As for our 2021 Whiskers for Wishes campaign, we accomplished another huge milestone. During this year our department was proud to announce that with the support of our community and our business partners, our agency was able to raise over $11,000. Funds through this program sponsored several needy families in Millsboro during the holiday season. This milestone was only reached due to the overwhelming support from our community. Our agency would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Millsboro Grace Methodist Church for the success of this program. We never imagined this program would be so successful, but through our partnership with the Grace Methodist Church this program has impacted many, and we are proud to have partnered with such a meaningful initiative.

During 2021, the Millsboro Police Department was able to hire three new Officers. Within this year these Officers had the opportunity to attend the Delaware State Police Academy, and we are proud to have them join our team. 

The Millsboro Police Department continues to use the data approach for reported crime and issues regarding traffic safety. Our agency continues to strive to ensure we are deploying our resources to any emerging crime, and to traffic safety trends to improve the quality of life for our residents.

I hope you enjoy our report, and I hope you find the information provided to be informative, and an accurate portal of our agency’s efforts. Additionally, I want to thank our community members and the men and women of our department, because together we can create a safe environment for all within our Millsboro community. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing you at one of our future events.





Brian K. Calloway


The Millsboro Police Department is committed to enhancing the quality of life by creating a safe environment in partnership with the community we serve. Members of the Millsboro Police Department will act with integrity to reduce fear and crime while treating all with respect, compassion, and fairness.





Community:  A strong partnership with the community is a cornerstone of the agency mission statement.  We believe each citizen, business, and visitor is a vital and essential stakeholder in our community.  We strive to reduce fear and crime via a pathway of community engagement.



Courage:  In the face of fear and uncertainty we shall triumph in our efforts to protect life and property. 



Honor: We strive to encompass strict adherence to our mission statement and agency rules of conduct while illustrating high moral character in all we do.  We do not take lightly the oath we have taken and the responsibilities bestowed upon us.


Integrity: Doing the right thing in all circumstances, even when no one else is around.  We aspire to be pillars in the community and set the example for others.







Law enforcement consists of many diverse activities which are directed toward attainment of departmental objectives.  Activities such as patrolling and conducting field interviews are not objectives in themselves; they are methods of preventing and deterring crime and arresting offenders.   Decisions in law enforcement operations must be made instantaneously, and the lives of officers and others may depend upon the quality of those decisions.   An officer is confronted with both criminal and non‑criminal behavior, and must be capable of making a reasonable response in both cases.  In either instance, an officer must base conduct and action upon the facts of the situation as they appear, relying upon experience, training, and judgment as guides to legal decisions and actions.   As a primary function of the Millsboro Police Department, patrol procedures consist of activities beyond patrol itself.   Patrol, due to its generalized nature, will overlap a variety of law enforcement functions, including the enforcement of criminal and traffic laws, responding to complaints and other calls for service, as well as engaging in crime prevention and community relations activities.




The Millsboro Police Department's Criminal Investigation Unit is charged with the primary function of investigating all crimes of a more serious nature, including but not limited to Homicide, Robbery, Burglary, Felony Thefts, Sex Crimes, Aggravated Assaults, Drug Violations, Vice, Organized Crime, Intelligence Activities, and performing liaison with and providing assistance to other law enforcement agencies or elements of the criminal justice system.  The objective of the Criminal Investigation Unit is to clear all such cases culminating with the arrest of the perpetrator, to exonerate those persons who have been falsely accused of a crime and to recover stolen property.  The Detective’s position has been established as a specialized officer with the responsibility for handling those criminal investigations which require special expertise, or because of their complexity or for geographical considerations do not lend themselves readily to completion by patrol officers. 


Chief of Police- The overall job function of the Chief of Police is administrative and supervisory in nature with an emphasis on the development of policy and procedures, Rules and Regulations, and budgetary controls. 

Accreditation Manager- The primary job function of the Accreditation Manager is to prepare policies, directives, and procedure statements, and review those prepared by others, to ensure that they meet CALEA standards. In addition, the Accreditation Manager is tasked with organizing and maintaining CALEA files, including updating of proofs of compliance as required by accreditation standards




Victim Services Specialist- The Victim Services Specialist is a civilian employee who reports directly to the Chief of Police.  They provide appropriate assistance to victims who have been traumatized or who express specific, credible reasons for needing further assistance in dealing with their personal victimization or the death of a loved one. 

Police Clerk- The Police Clerk is a civilian employee who serves as the Chief’s administrative assistant. The Police Clerk reports directly to the Chief of Police.

Chaplain- The chaplain is a civilian volunteer who assists Millsboro Police Department in various functions.  The agency enlists the services of persons ordained by recognized religious denominations who will contribute their time to accomplish the duties requested while serving as an agency and community resource. 

School Resource Officer- The primary job function of the School Resource Officer (SRO) is to administer structured curriculum programs in public schools in the Millsboro community. The curriculum is designed to teach children the risk of using drugs and/or alcohol, methods for avoiding high risk situations and self-esteem. The SRO will be available to provide counseling for students and teachers in areas deemed necessary by the SRO and/or the school administrators. The SRO will act as a positive role model for the students in their schools and mentor them when the opportunity arises. In addition, the SRO shall administer public programs and presentations on a wide variety of crime prevention and community-oriented topics



Town of Millsboro Resident Totals

According to the 2021 Report on State Planning Issues, Millsboro ranks #1 out of the 25 Sussex County cities for number of residential building permits issued (6-year total) - a leading indicator of population growth. This is especially noteworthy given that Sussex County is the fastest-growing county in the State of Delaware.


 Millsboro PD Report Totals


5-year cycle of incidents reported to the agency.





Property Damage and Personal Injury Totals




5-year cycle of reported crashes within town limits.




National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)



 5-year cycle utilizing incident-based reporting system used by law enforcement agencies in the United States for collecting and reporting data on crimes.







Traffic Summons Totals

5-year tally of data collected for traffic tickets issued.



Criminal Arrest Totals


5-year tally of data collected for criminal arrests, both felonious and misdemeanors.



Response to Resistance



During the year of 2021, the Millsboro Police Department handled 4,185 calls for service. During these calls for service, only 16 calls resulted in officers having to use some degree of physical force during the incident.  This reveals that only 0.38% of our officers’ interactions with the public resulted in force being used.  There were 19 response to resistance incidents in total, but 3 were due to having to put down a sick or injured animal. 

The demographics of those involved in the response to resistance is as follows; 2 white males, 2 black females and 14 black males.  The total number of individuals was 18 and the total number of response to resistance incidents, involving humans, was 16.  The discrepancy is due to two of the incidents involved 2 subjects, instead of just one. 





Internal Department Data






During 2021, there was only one first report of injury filed. Ptlm. Travis Shockley sustained an injury while attending the Delaware State Police Academy.  Ptlm. Shockley was participating in boxing training when he hyperextended his right elbow.  He was evaluated by medical staff at Bay Health in Kent County.  He was released to full duty status four weeks after the incident.






Citizen Complaints & Internal Affairs


            There were 11 citizen complaints filed against officers and two internal affairs investigations during 2021.  Of the citizen complaints, four resulted in being sustained, two unstained, one unfounded and five saw the officer exonerated. When added together, these equal 12, the reason for this is due to one of the complaints was against two officers, instead of just one.  Of the internal affairs, both resulted in the allegation being sustained.    








            Sgt. Barry Wheatley retired from the Millsboro Police Department, after 20 years of faithful service to the Town of Millsboro. Sgt. Wheatley served in a multitude of roles throughout his years with the Millsboro Police Department.  He worked on patrol for years and eventually became a shift supervisor, overseeing all of patrol.  He worked a stint in criminal investigations, he was a firearms instructor, certified as a motor officer, TAC officer, training coordinator, coordinated the department’s involvement in numerous Special Olympic events and ended his career as the department’s accreditation manager.