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Our Mission

The Millsboro Police Department is committed to enhancing the quality of life by creating a safe environment in partnership with the community we serve. Members of the Millsboro Police Department will act with integrity to reduce fear and crime while treating all with respect, compassion and fairness.


The Accreditation Manager is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining and organizing the department’s General Orders, Procedural Notices and Directive Memoranda.

The Section’s primary function is to maintain 480 standards which are mandated by CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement), and the 105 standards which are mandated by DPAC (Delaware Police Accreditation Commission) and to ensure that the police department remains in compliance with these standards. The Millsboro Police Department is one of only eight departments in the State of Delaware to hold the prestigious honor of National Accreditation.

The Millsboro Police Department received their accreditation in 2009.

Criminal Investigative Unit (Detectives)

The Criminal Investigation Unit investigates all major crimes, any crime which requires extensive investigation or specialized training, and any case as directed by the Chief of Police. The detective prepares all search warrants for the department, investigate fugitive cases, handle extraditions, and pawn shop investigations.

The Millsboro Police Criminal Investigation Section is tasked with the responsibility to investigate the most serious crimes that occur within the Town of Millsboro. This section also conducts financial and identity theft investigations. In addition to these duties they are called upon to perform background investigations on all civilian and police applicants who are being considered for employment.

Patrol Unit

The Millsboro Police Department Patrol Unit consists of two platoons with 6 officers assigned to each platoon. Often called the "backbone of the police department”, the Patrol Unit provides 24 hours of police services to the community everyday of the year. Patrol officers protect and serve the citizens of the Town of Millsboro. They are the first responders to motor vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, criminal complaints and calls for assistance. Each Patrol Platoon is supervised by a Sergeant assisted by two Corporals. Sergeants serve as "street supervisors” who are assigned patrol duties.

Accident Reconstruction

In the event of a fatal, serious injury, hazardous material or police officer involved crash, the Millsboro Police Department relies on the highly trained Crash Investigation and Reconstructionist.

The Reconstruction Officer has received advanced training in the following areas:
  • Traffic Management & Accident Investigation
  • Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation
  • Traffic Crash Reconstruction
  • Pedestrian/Bicycle Crash Investigation
  • Human Factors for Traffic Crash Reconstruction
  • Applied Physics for Collision Reconstruction
  • Motorcycle Collision Reconstruction
  • Total Station Equipment Training

Community Outreach & Public Information Unit

The Millsboro Police Departments Community Outreach and Public Information Unit is tasked with building relationships with the community by means of organizing police sponsored community events and attending various community functions. The Unit also maintains various social media accounts of the Millsboro Police Department to include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They are tasked with maintaining the Millsboro Police Website and making information available to the community when requested.

Victim Services Unit

The Millsboro Police Victim Services Division is tasked with providing services to include support, crisis counseling, information and referrals to victims. This can include victims of shootings, assaults, homicide, various property crimes and domestic and sexual violence. A large part of the Units work is offering victims information on the police, criminal justice system and in filing for help with certain crime-related expenses. They are also available to respond to a crime scene and for other crisis responses as needed.

The unit works closely with police officers to provide safety and court information specifically for victims of domestic violence. Victims can be connected to shelter services, court help and social services which may help them reach safety for themselves and their children.
VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday)

Most suspects have the right to be released on bail, maybe right away. You can register with VINE to be told when the suspect gets out of prison.

Register by phone or online:

By phone: Call 1-877-338-8463 on a touch-tone phone and follow the instructions. Make up 4-digit PIN to use.
Online: Visit www.vinelink.com and register online for notification.

Additional Resources

  • Domestic Violence Hotline
    24 Hours
    Phone: (302) 762-6110

  • State Police Victim Services
    24 Hours
    Phone: 1-800-842-8461

  • Contact Lifeline
    24 Hours
    Phone: 1-800-262-9800

  • Child Protective Hotline
    24 Hours
    Phone: 1-800-292-9582

  • Delaware Helpline
    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    Phone: 1-800-464-4357