2018 Whiskers for Wishes Campaign

Posted: October 3 2016
On December 20th2018, the Millsboro Police Department presented Grace United Methodist Church in Millsboro with a check for $5,556.31. The Millsboro Police Department partners with Grace United Methodist Church each year for their annual "Whisker for Wishes” campaign.  This is the 3rd year of this campaign and has been the most successful year so far.

During the months of October, November and December officers off the Millsboro Police Department donate their own money to the campaign in exchange they grow facial hair. The fury faced police officers then use the conversation started to bring awareness to the campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to raise money in order to purchase Christmas Gifts to needy families in the Millsboro area. Grace United Methodist Church carefully selects the families and purchases the gifts. The gifts are then wrapped and delivered to the Millsboro Police Department for delivery.

Thanks to the partnership with local businesses and personal supporters, the campaign was able to exceed its goal of $5000.00.  The proceeds were able to purchase Christmas for 13 families which include 37 children in the Millsboro area.

On December 21st2018 Santa Clause, along with members of the Millsboro Police Department loaded up their police vehicles with the gifts and delivered the gifts to the families.

Chief Calloway is quoted in a statement saying "I have been truly humbled by the support we have seen from our community regarding this campaign. I want to thank those who helped make this program a success, and it is my hope these gifts bring some joy to families in need during the holidays.”







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